We want you at the Returned & Services League of Australia, Queensland Branch, Burleigh Heads Sub Branch

Perhaps you have thought many times of joining the RSL but have been turned off by those big, poker machine filled clubs operating in so many areas these days. You probably remember the good old days of the RSL Memorial Hall and the “mateship” and camaraderie that prevailed within. Then, despair no more, for you have found Burleigh Heads RSL Sub Branch and we do not have the poker machines or a liquor licence. We are an old-fashioned memorial hall set among the modern skyscrapers and churning daily bustle of Australian’s Beachside Playground, the Gold Coast in Queensland. Membership is a mere $20 per year. You may apply to join at any time during the year by completing the application form and submitting it to the sub-branch. No matter when you join, annual dues are for the calendar year and are payable by January 31st each year.

Membership has its benefits and priviledges

Welcome to the Returned & Services League of Australia, Queensland Branch, Burleigh Heads Sub Branch

Your membership of the League is important because it assists us to achieve our objectives. The League was formed in 1916. It was established for the principal purpose of promoting the interests and welfare of former and serving members of the Defence Force and their dependants.

The Objectives of the League include:

  • To provide for the sick, wounded and needy among those who have served and their dependants.
  • To preserve the memory and records of those who suffered and died for Australia.
  • To perpetuate close ties of friendship created by mutual service in the ADF or Allied Forces.
  • To inculcate loyalty to the Nation to guard the good name and preserve the interests and standing of members of the Defence Force.
  • To promote our policy on National questions particularly:
    • The unity of the Commonwealth of Australia
    •  The defence of Australia
    • Migration policy
    • A National Defence infrastructure and Defence industry
    • The proper employment of National resources

As a member of the RSL, you have a voice in the policy of the RSL.Your input through your Sub Branch together with that of fellow members helps formulate the policies of the League.

The RSL Membership year is from 1st January to 31st December. Annual subscriptions fall due on the 1st January. They may be paid after 1st November of the preceding year and should be paid by 31st January. Members who have not paid their subscription are not able to speak, vote or hold office at a sub branch or other RSL meetings.

Please Note that all forms effecting membership MUST be submitted through our sub branch.

Be sure to mail or deliver them to our sub branch.

Life Subscription: A payment to cover you for life

All Service Members of the RSL may apply to become Life Subscribers by completing an Application for Life Subscription and paying the appropriate fee. You will be able to obtain a list of the current Life Subscription fees from your Sub Branch.

The advantages of this option are:

  • No longer needing to remember to pay Annual Subscription.
  • No risk to your eligibility to have voting rights at meetings.
  • No risk of losing your continuity of membership.

Applications for Life Subscriptions are processed through your Sub Branch to State Branch Membership section. When the process is complete, Life Subscribers are issued with a special membership card. “Life Subscriber” should not be confused with a Life Member, the latter is an award status of membership for which Ordinary Members may be nominated as a result of their service to the League.

Do you want to be a member of more than one sub branch?

When a member moves he may wish to become involved in the nearest Sub Branch but may be loathe to break ties with the “old” Sub Branch.

Associate Membership of either the old or new Sub Branch can permit a person to be a member of both. A fee, equivalent to the Sub Branch’s portion of the Annual Subscription is paid to the Sub Branch of which a member is an Associate Member. The normal membership subscription for an Service Member, who is not a Life Subscriber, must be paid to the Sub Branch where a member’s full membership is held.

A member who becomes an Associate of another Sub Branch is only permitted to vote, speak and hold office at one Sub Branch.

Because of this, Associate Members must complete a Declaration of Associate which will record the member’s preference to exercise their right. Members who have Associate Members status are issued with a special card that shows at which Sub Branch they have the right to speak, vote and hold office. The Declaration of Associate remains in force until replaced by a new declaration or the member becomes unfinancial.

If you move, we would like to know

Moving House:

When people move we know that there are a lot of things to think about and we hope that you will add the RSL to your list and remain a member of the League. Contact your Sub Branch and advise them of your new address.

Transfer to another Sub Branch:

There are a number of ways to transfer your membership which are fairly simple and they are:

– Drop in to your current Sub Branch and fill in a Request for Transfer of Branch/Sub Branch Membership.
– If you are not sure about the new Sub Branch you wish to join, wait until you arrive in the new location and if you are happy with the Sub Branch in that area again, drop in and fill in a Request for Transfer of Branch/Sub Branch Membership.